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Doodle Day (4/21/2021)

-Here are some character sketches from my notebook. Sometimes I’ll draw random faces that pop into my head and save them for later for short stories and sometimes I’ll sketch visuals of characters in stories I’ve already thought of. Its unfinished (obviously) but who knows where these faces will take me…

Doodle Day (2/16/2021)

If you know me, you know that I’m a doodler. I’m always littering pages with sketches of flowers, characters, or inanimate blobs. Sometimes doodles help me make sense of complicated feelings, and sometimes, they just save me from a very boring lecture (sorry!). Either way, I figured I should put my doodles to good use. Every Wednesday, I’ll upload a doodle of mine (new or old) and let you in on the inner workings of my mind. Today, as a welcome present, you get the first doodle a lit bit early ;).

I doodled this in my journal almost a year ago. Around this time I was feeling overwhelmed everything going on , including school, family, and what I felt was my dwindling social life. I’m not exactly sure what every element in this drawing means or why I put it there, but I know I felt a lot better after putting my emotions on paper, and maybe someone else will too. How do you relieve stress when you feel overwhelmed?